This is a group that formed in Surabaya recently, formed on October 16th 2005, with 14 main members. As for your concern these 14 members are all lack of abilities in many kind of way, but we help each other very well in solving any problem.

The 14 members are :

Ciamok, known as Halim , one high-pitched & loud guy ~

Ayas, one of two Andreas we have , one baldy and dreamy guy ~

Alexand, the second Andreas we have , one that excels at computer hardware repairing and modifying ~

Ming, known as Tjeng , one bule-like guy that has been residing in far-faraway Sulawesi ~

Loton, known as Tony , one idle guy ~

Hebe, known as Herbert , one bear-like human that opened a shop selling bread ingredients together with his honey ^^

Juju, known as Juanda , one charming Nicholas Tze-like guy , currently studying at Ciputra Univ.

Singg, known as Singgih , one bule-wannabe , currently studying abroad at U.S ,

Toeng2, known as Malthus , the second baldy , macho guy , currently fighting his final assignment in iSTTS ~

DJ Ong, known as Gunadi , one four-eyes guy , excels at one-way hardware modifications ( dismantling without re-assembling ) ~

Gun2, known as Gunawan , one panda-like guy , excels at raising his friends' fighting spirits ~

Dexcell, known as Erick , our leader , currently searching for a way to make Shinsengumi the most terrifying group in the universe !

Ingfak, known as Frans , one nerdy guy who's adducted to learning and computer programming ~

Can2, known as Candra , one lost guy that disappeared long long ago without any trace ...

We also shared the same interests in school matters, girls and sports, so here we are.

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